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From Xenoblade Chronicles 2 the character Tsuki, sadly designed by a woman: Risa Ebata. (Source.)


Judging by that last picture… is she related to Haydee

Seriously though, a couple readers let us know about problems with female designs in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, especially this character, Dahlia/Tsuki. 
And in all frankness, what i saw of her already made me legitimately fear doing any further research. 

Her feet alone make me feel like retracting all the things I said about Fran’s stupid, stupid “I totally need high heels because bunny-person” feet… things I still stand by!

I recommend filtering the experience by reading this Dorkly article, which quotes quite a few good jokes and/or comments about the game’s problems with women characters.


She has rabbit high heels??


I’ve seen a few members of a key demographic claiming the image is PhotoShopped… strangely none of them can provide an image that disproves it… just other terrible images of her in different poses.

– wincenworks