The Amazons’ New Clothes – The Golden Lasso

The Amazons’ New Clothes – The Golden Lasso


SamBeringer submitted: 

Zack Snyder took one look at the boobplate in Wonder Woman and went “hold my beer.” Christ, this is awful.

Worst part? Here’s something the article above points out:

Wonder Woman began filming in 2015, the year before Justice League started filming in 2016. The Amazons’  design was finalized and most of the costumes completed while Justice League was still in pre-production. That means that there were discussions about what the Amazons should wear into battle in Justice League and the epic designs from Wonder Woman were rejected in favor of leather bikinis. Let that sink in. They rejected already finished costumes to redesign and remake the armor so that more skin would be showing.” 

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This makes me angry on a visceral level. We covered the problems with the costumes and the way the were pitched in the Wonder Woman movie, but this is twice as bad with none of hat tips toward real historical armor.  This has all those problems and then some. And is, frankly, just generic bikini armor trash.

As the article points out, the Justice League movie has an essentially all male executive team as well as a male costumer.  There’s presumably also a Creepy Marketing Guy (or even a small army of them, seeing as this is a DC/Warner Bros production). 

No matter who to blame, this is just self-demonstrably shameful.


See also: Buzzfeed’s take on the same topic (ht: @itsgoodtobeming)

What’s really baffling about this is that Zack Snyder and same costumer, Michael Wilkinson, did manage to create a fairly decent (fantastic by comparison, but certainly not without it’s faults) female costume design in Man of Steel, as worn by the glorious Faora-Ul:


Most of the high end production staff from Justice League also contributed on Wonder Woman.  So that leaves us with several equally terrible possibilities:

  • Someone with executive power literally saw the early sections of Wonder Woman and decided that what it needed was more women’s body on display so asked for “sexy versions of that”
  • The executive(s) in charge have been starting with “playing it safe” to build hype on the initial movies, and now have concluded that since those were a success they can throw female characters and fans under the bus in favor of their own puerile fantasies
  • Warner Bros or some other executive power only allowed the Wonder Woman amazon armor to be as not-terrible-as-possible because they assumed it would be a limited interest movie and not the highest grossing Superhero Origin Story at the time of it’s release. (which would explain this comic)

You may notice a theme of this being an executive with very poor judgement, and as much as a suspect otherwise I really hope it’s NOT Zack Snyder.  Because if it is, this does not bode well for the future:


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