“Hey, this combination of light armor pieces looks really nice on my elementalist! Let’s see how those exact same armor skins look on my mholy fuck why.

wolpertinger-roadkill submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

(I love Guild Wars 2 with all my heart, it’s such a beautiful and fun game with many many good styles and pieces and colors to choose from and to mix-and-match freely, but this. this really bugs me.)

What I notice about Guild Wars 2 fandom is that they tend to express their adoration for the game, while being completely aware of godawful double standard “armors” that can be found there (the game does have better examples for comparison).

Fans of a certain type, like the ones religiously devoted to whatever Blizzard or Warhammer 40k spews out, could learn a thing or two from GW2 players about proper critical attitude towards the thing they like.