Reinhardt as Predator-D.Va by @dorashizcaSexy Sexy Road Hog by @sadsoapbubblesSoldier 76 as a Sexy Ghostbuster by @sburban-momSoldier 76 as a Sexy Ghostbuster (no mask edition) by @sburban-momJunkrat as Sexy Junkrat by @kimodrawJunkrat as Sexy Junkrat by @kimodrawSexy, romantic Junk Rat by @the-one-potatoJunk Rat with Dick-in-a-Box by @the-hittite

The complete collection of entries we had for Sexy Gentlemen category of our Overwatch Halloween Competition.  Again, a very big thank you to everyone who entered.

Artist credits are on the caption of each image, we were especially impressed with the many ways that Junkrat could be shown to have an empowered sexier side and hope Blizzard will take this message on board.

The Spooky Ladies entries will be posted later this weekend.

– wincenworks

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