Hellraiser and Hell Priestess from Sideshow

@universe63 submitted:

Just in time for Halloween, Sideshow Collectables presents the Hellraiser Hell Priestess


I know it’s not armor but I HAD to Bingo it.  I wasn’t sure how to call the garter/stocking leather boot-ish things that don’t actually go all the way down the leg. I also debated on the Skin tight square and the “How does it attach” (mostly due to those aforementioned stocking things)  Given it’s Hellraiser, “Sharp Ornamental edges…” was kind of a given.

It’s kind of amazing that even the 90s comic was more committed to genuine “in your face” body horror and some originality that gave Clive Barker’s Cenobites their charm… this one looks like they decided that what horror fans really want is Lady Death cosplaying as Pinhead with a tiny bit of body horror hidden away on her back.

So it doesn’t scare anyone who wants to fap to it.

– wincenworks