@ravenhull submitted:

Just came across this on DeviantArt, this is promo art for an upcoming game called League of Maidens, and looking at the game’s website, it is very typical of the style in general.  Yeah, yet another attempt at ‘sex sells’.  

Upcoming game you say… let’s have a look into this


I think it’s a little late for asking what people want to see in your game when your background graphic makes it pretty clear that “can I fap to it” is your only priority considered in the incredibly creative character designs.  However I feel confident that @eschergirls and @boobsdontworkthatway could provide some interesting feedback…

And of course, the trailer looks like something that would laughed and featured on Jim Sterling’s Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers if it’d been pitched as a low budget Greenlight project… not a well funded big production.

This is a thing in the world we live in.

– wincenworks

“First we ripoff existing characters, like Wonder Woman, Angela or Valkyrie, put them in the most physics-defying bikini armors possible THEN pretend we want to know what actual humans would would like us to add to this obviously very creative and original product.” – what an in infallible game development logic.