@avatarwill113 submitted:

In 1993 Mircomania Software released an awful fighting called Dangerous Streets, it had poor controls, bad animation and awful outfits for its two female characters.

First Luisa (that’s her on the cover)

The second women Lola is slightly better, as she covers slightly more skin.

Deadly Street was the only game Micromania ever released and got such high scores as 3%,20%, 22%, and 44%. The Commodore Amiga CD32 the main system it was released for would be taken off the market in April 1994. But remember Sex Sells.

Oh wow the 90s sure were zany! Thank good we live in more sophisticated times where nobody would invest a lot of time and money into making something that ridiculous…

Oh, well I guess least they’ll only be buying it for the kitsch value right…

I’m just going to take comfort in the fact that it seems Bad Ass Babes is about as commercially successful as Dangerous Streets.

But remember: Sex Sells!

– wincenworks