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I don’t know if anyone has submitted anything from this game yet, but his is Skye from a fairly new game from Hi-Rez called “Paladins – Champions of the Realm” and it’s basically a free to play version of Overwatch. Skye is one of four or five characters but she is by far the worst in my opinion. Her costume is bad enough but my favorite part is the fact that her right leg is somehow transcending dimensions to that it ended up behind her left leg without bending. She kind of fits into the assassin archetype. She’s supposed to be fast and stealthy so I guess maybe having reality altering legs might be helpful for that somehow.

Skye’s outfit actually score surprisingly okay on the bingo, mostly because it’s not about showing skin but rather projecting a message.


Seems fine at first glance? Sure.  But this is how Skye is introduced to you if you select her as your Champion in Paladins.


This was how she got introduced in their “meet the Champions trailer”:


It worth noting that Skye’s appearance is so ridiculous and lacking in credibility, she is the only hero who they show in action first before doing the intro cinematic or letting you see her from a third person view.

Hi-Rez apparently managed to make a sexy female assassin who’s less intimidating than Widowmaker due to “can we fap to this” being her only character concept design priority, then chickening out and putting black skin tight material over most of her skin.

– wincenworks