These are only a few of the armor designs for the MMORPG BLESS Online. As you can see, quality varies wildly between designs. It’s worth noting that these are all from the “Heavy Armor” category, so designers obviously thought they gave similar protection to the wearer. There are much worse ones that can all be seen here. I’m sad to see these cool, creative, protective designs side by side with boring objectifying bikini armor. At least they all have decent helmets.

The part I find most striking is that the bikini armor outfits look so uninspired from the front due to the use of “windows” to show off flesh.

Especially when juxtaposed with the more practical designs it really does look like they did a bunch of regular designs then had Creepy Marketing Guy come along and red line it where he wanted to put bits on display.

Sadly, it seems that this was not limited to the fronts of the outfits:

– wincenworks