@reforged-caladbolg submitted:

I swear I love this game I’m just very critical of it

Hey remember when I submitted the Faction’s Heavy armor and said that Light Armor would be to easy to bingo? Here’s a look at why. This Monstrosity is Human Cultural Armor, which is like a special three sets of armor that only Human characters can unlock. The worst part is this is TIER 3, The highest and most expensive armor, and by far the most skimpy. I think this has to be the worst case of Boob Window I ave ever seen.

Personally what I find amazing about this is the “evolution” that this set goes through.  It’s pretty amazing:


Light and medium seem to be designed with no interest in being armor (or anything other than sexy novelty costumes) and then suddenly when they got to heavy they remembered that it’s supposed to be armor.

And it all got signed off an as totally okay and making sense within the world.

– wincenworks