New legendary creature, plus some other cool stuff. I’m really liking Recruiter of the Guard.

@bikiniarmorbattledamage has to LOVE Wizards… they run the gamut from, well, Adriana to Burning Wish! Endless material from both ends of the spectrum! 😀

Love is… not the descriptor I would assign to Wizards of the Coast, particularly to Magic: The Gathering.  Particularly since their art guide have, for over a decade now, essentially been content with the idea that as long as it’s not blatant softcore pornography and the women are closer to “kicking ass” than being a damsel then it will be fine.

Ultimately the positive examples from Magic tend to fit into one of two categories.  One is that it tends to feed into societal tropes that encourage people to harshly judge women based on their attire, the other is it basically confirms that many artists like portraying women in practical armor and many consumers like paying for images of women in practical armor.

(This, by the way, is something they should be aware of given the history of their franchises.)

All that really holds things back is the plethora of nonsense myths various people are deeply invested in perpetuating.

– wincenworks