msfcatlover submitted:

I was one the d20 wiki when this add popped up. I… I’ll admit, I’m a bit desensitized to sexualized cartoon characters, but this is just? a model? An actual human woman, in those clothes? And I have never been more acutely aware of how ridiculous they were.

It did escape a lot of issues by only showing her upper-front body, but these are by no means decent outfits. Side notes:

  • I assume if those spikes on her shoulders and in a V on her chest were actually metal, or even hardened leather, it miiight cause a few problems for her very bare chest. As would those dragon wings on the second one. And whatever those paper spikey things are supposed to be? (Unless that’s supposed to be fur???)
  • I assume those very unrepresentative “selection” graphics were supposed to be the male version of the armors.
  • They might’ve covered it up with the PLAY NOW thing, but you can pretty clearly tell that the purple outfit comes into a pinched center for the sake of underboob. You can even see the slight sag from not getting support!
  • I wasn’t sure if the thing hanging off her neck was supposed to be a hood or cape, so I only gave it a half-mark. I also assume “Hunter Clothes” are supposed to provide more protection than the cloth-ier “Lunaria Clothes,” but whether they’re more advanced…
  • I highly doubt their graphics are photo-realistic as portrayed…
  •  …Oh. Well, I suppose it does provide the one thing promised in the ad: truly ridiculous outfits that make absolutely no sense. (sources X – X)

I do find myself wondering whether they just stole some poor cosplayer’s pictures, but considering I can’t find them anywhere, maybe it did come from a professional photoshoot. I suppose that’s slightly better. 

(For the record, this is what the ad looked like when it first showed up in my browser; a simple, two-frame gif.) 


Based off the looks of the models and the under clothes (prior to the costumes of doom) I stand by my belief that they bought photos that were intended for generic clothing sales.  Only rather than editing on generic t-shirts and dresses, they’re editing on ridiculous fantasy spank bank outfits.

One thing I have found amusing about League of Angels as a property is that that battle lingerie seems to be almost the only part of their branding they care about in terms of visuals.  Otherwise they’re happy to mix and match everything from photo-editing, 3d modelling, painted images and this…


…all under the same brand title and just assume that nobody is going to find this potentially disorientating or baffling.

So far the end result is that the questions raised by these bizarre mixes are styles and ideas are far more compelling than anything the game has to offer.

– wincenworks