gamer submitted:

I recently got a new phone and started looking for a mobile game and found this game, Blade II. Specifically it’s trailer. Just look at that assassin and wizard.

I think another issue with the “battle swimsuit for all” design is it doesn’t really distinguish the characters.  I assume because the second one is darker that’s the assassin? But often it’s hard to tell when every woman is wearing some version of a swimsuit, and I figure that the other one must be the wizard just by elimination since you gave me only 2 choices.

The fact that bikini armors (let alone the generically sexy characters who wear them) are barely distinguishable from each other, is one of the big problems with that kind of costume. 

Yet there’s still a crowd insisting that skimpy outfits are a result of unrestrained creative freedom. And we end up with character sets as ‘unique’ as this


or this: