Earth Defense Force 4.1

@lysander-gustav submitted:

Oh hey! Earth Defense Force, that gleefully bonkers game about shooting lots of giant bugs and other kaiju, has a sequel that just came out on Steam?  Let’s check out the store page!


Well, okay.  I’m intrigued.  To the official website and the wiki!

Let’s take a look at all the character classes.


Three classes where any gender is possible, and one that makes sure you know it’s a woman.  Well, that just raises more questions.  Let’s see what the official site has to say.

Wing Divers:

An all-female special forces unit equipped with jetpacks. This unit was formed as a secret weapon for annihilating giant creatures. They use super weapons born from extraterrestrial technology.

*This soldier class is swift and deadly. However, their low armor strength makes them particularly susceptible to attacks.

Wing Divers appear to be a new version of the Jet Armor, a character class that appeared in the previous game.  What did that look like?


Ordinarily I’d say, “More Advanced = Skimpier” and leave it at that.  But this has another layer to it.  You see, in EDF 2 there was the Pale Wing character class.


We went from the unisex freedom of “Insect Armageddon” to the flying-cheerleader throwback of “The Shadow of New Despair.”  But that’s okay. It’s a high-camp comedy, so anything goes.  Right?  Right???


Rocket pigtails!

So… how does this game describe itself on Steam?

I’m guessing the depths of despair comes when you realise what the female character options are… and frankly that leads me to doubt their ability to bring me back from that.

Personally I think it says a lot that marketing image focuses almost exclusively on the title and showcasing how the female costumes are about boobs and the male costumes about being badass.  They don’t even take the time to give you some hint about what you’ll be fighting.

– wincenworks