This is why you don’t want form fitted plate armor.  Especially not form fitted around boobs or anything else you would describe as “sensitive”.

– wincenworks

Given that there are apparently people claiming that boobplates can’t be harmful to the wearer – they’d just crumple (sic!)…

Glossing over the many bizarre assumptions this makes over impacts and materials, literally nobody wants a bent hunk of metal pushing against thing at an awkward angle and risking getting dented more.

As @sartoriainsulindica pointed out – jousting armour was often heavier than was practical simply because they knew the breastplate was going to be the main point of impact and thus the part to re-enforce on the jouster even when allowing the safe amount of space.

Anyone advocating body molded plate can just crumple is forgetting the whole point of the plates is to protect the body.

– wincenworks