The MMO Age of Conan prides itself on being “sexy” and “adult”, which in game terms means that the “savage” world of Hyboria looks more like the dressing room of the local strip club.  Lots of big-breasted female player characters slaying demons in their lace panties.

In an effort to balance the scales a bit, I created Sielunsakin, my fully-empowered – and absolutely FABULOUS! – Herald of Xotli, and his “Satisfying Company” (that’s literally what the game calls him) pet companion.

These men are ready for “action” – in every sense of the word!

You’d think that since it’s Age of Conan they’d go to more effort to show us more rippling, delicious, barbarian man beef!  Think how great it’d be if the game truly embraced the opportunities for empowerment the fantasy genre offers.

Again, Age of CONAN!

– wincenworks