Tidy Up Tuesday #44

A longer tidy-up this week:

While tangentially related to BABD, we gotta thank all the readers who directed us at @wackd‘s Bad Genderbend Bingo, a very acute look into double standards in redesigning an established character to be of different sex/gender (in this bingo’s case, male to female).

Few more facts regarding Frank Cho storming off DC due to “censorship” of his optional Wonder Woman covers:

  • It was not disclosed to Cho that Greg Rucka, the writer for recent Wonder Woman run, was given creative control over all the cover art.
  • Cho seems to regard “artistic freedom” of his optional cover freelance contract equally (if not more) valid to Rucka’s script freelance contract with DC.
  • While Rucka asked for several changes in Cho’s covers, cropping of the gratuitous pantyshot in issue #3 is what ultimately prompted the artist to quit.

For those confused why we didn’t heap unconditional praise over Ana Amari’s design is because Blizzard has a long history of taking a very safe half-step forward and expecting praise (and then halting all progress indefinitely).  Overwatch has an abundance of problems that aren’t going to be fixed by adding a new character or pretending the game has something close to gender equitable representation.

Thing we addressed before:

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