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Okay I’m not 100% sure if this is the kind of material it’s fine to submit but have you seen the guy right here? He’s the sexiest ninja out there. I MEAN CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT HIS CLOTHES AND HOW







Should I mention how many times we’re blessed with beautiful views of -coughs- his booty?

Idk guys but I’ve never seen a male character being drawn like this before without his appearance being a target of you’re-not-a-girl?? jokes. This guy is legit. Want more male characters like him.

(Speed Of Sound Sonic from One Punch Man. Sorry for any spoilers and my bad English!) 

Another helpful example for dudes who want to depict dudes that will appeal to ladies (who also happens to run around naked in at least one part of the story).  In fact, manga has quite a few examples you might want to look into – even for some characters who don’t do action scenes:


And these are just the villainous sorts – they’ve got heroic types as well that are generally much better received than the characters commonly cited as evidence of “equal” treatment.

– wincenworks