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I never submitted anything. This is weird.
As weird as that picture of my new (Bayonetta parody) Whyzard OC

He was partly inspired by other sexy wizards and outfit swap pictures, and the question “What would Bayonetta look like as a wizard?”

Yeah. Like that. Beard outfit.

I wonder if character artists, who have to draw detailed boob/butt/crotch areas feel as uncomfortable as me drawing this. I totally invaded his private space bubble, but maybe they don’t see the characters as real characters, who might have feelings and opinions, to feel ashamed about it.

Originally posted it to DeviantART and here: The Whyzard.

I really like the wand heels!  Now that’s empowerment.  Just imagine how great gaming could get if more companies would look for artwork like this in portfolios instead of searching for bikini armor pics!

It’d be magical!

– wincenworks