ana amari’s tea time emote


A female character well over 50 that is NOT SEXUALISED AND STILL BEATS ASS!

I’m excited ^^

Oye, @bikiniarmorbattledamage, a positive example among the widowmakers and tracers in that game ^^


It’s very exciting to see Blizzard has started work on making the game that they said they wanted to make shortly after announcing Overwatch!

Ana Amari certainly looks amazing and greatly boosts representation for badass mothers and older women of color though I notice something.

Of her eleven skins: Five show Ana as her glorious mature-aged self, four show her with her face completely covered and two show her as young.  In fact there are zero Legendary skins where you can see Ana’s beautiful older face.

And the skins with her as a young woman don’t really do anything surprising with her, it’s not like Genji’s showing him as pre-cybernetic, it’s just… well:


So while it’s fantastic that Blizzard has started to realize that women in their sixties are dramatically under represented in action games – it’s kind of a shame that they couldn’t commit to it the whole way.

– wincenworks

Ana is a very welcome addition to Overwatch’s cast (heavens know we’re in a desperate need for older women in media, especially games), though I can’t help but notice how, not unlike Zayra, she’s a very safe approach to diversity. While being 60, she’s at the “conventionally attractive lady with grey hair and a couple facial lines” side of old person design.

Also, the fact that Ana’s clothes look very realistic for a sniper make Widowmaker’s hypersexualization stand out even more. With changes Blizzard made so far, they’ve proven a couple of times how they can edit and add things to the game as they please, but are afraid to change all that much