All The Racy Stuff Changed For Tokyo Mirage Sessions’ Western Release

All The Racy Stuff Changed For Tokyo Mirage Sessions’ Western Release

We talked about this when the game was fully announced around this time last year.  It seems that thankfully they decided to go the opposite direction to Valkyria and added shadows, costumes, etc to tone down the fan service.

Naturally brodudes are taking this well… I’m just kidding.


They’ve also been on Twitter harassing translators who do localizations (like they make creative decisions) and insisting they just want “word for word translation no matter what”

Of course, people not intent on misunderstanding the concept of localization or attacking people for doing their jobs can formulate a pretty simple theory on why this release may be slightly different.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions is a combination of Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei but based off the sales figures available (looking at just Japan), it only sold about 10% of what Fire Emblem Fates did (special edition literally sold out on day one) and about 12% of what Shin Megami Tensei IV did.

They’re not terrible sales, but it’s got to be a disappointing result based off the two brands involved here. It’s almost like all this over emphasis on fan service and hyper-sexualization of female characters at the expense of the rest of the product doesn’t go down well with mainstream audiences in Japan either.

So now they’re trying make into a game people won’t avoid for fear having to have an awkward talk if someone walks in while they’re playing it.

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