@bleedinginkxiii submitted:

Found this oh so lovely set of female mage armor on Artstation. I had some time so I decided to make some fixes. They’re not amazing by any means, but at least these women can move without worry of a breeze or breaking an ankle/neck in the heat of battle. 

The artist also made a set of male counterparts to these and they look nothing alike (surprise, surprise). 

Here’s the link: 


Very nice redesign.  Personally what I find amazing about the male counterparts is that it seems their outfits are already very unisex and would be quite flattering on many bodies:

Looking around these appear to be concepts for a new “card” game by the creators of Vindictus.  It seems, that they’ve been quite free and loose with the art direction, but apparently quite determined to maintain double standards.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

– wincenworks