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I found this amazing advertisement on the Steam Store. I’m sure a lot of others are seeing it as well. They aren’t even listing the NAME of the game they are trying to sell. Its just generic blushing fantasy babe in bikini armor. Truly amazing.

So, it appears that they have updated their image upon realizing that it required both the title of the game and LENS FLARE!


Amazingly, her outfit appears to be actually more practical than that worn by one of the characters who is introduced.


Unsurprisingly the reviews indicate that it is super generic RPG Maker shovelware that is popular with a particular niche.


Yet this game is not trying to market itself as softcore porn or juvenile humor:

Prepare for an epic 10 hour adventure in the world of Galager. Sura, the world’s most sought-after mercenary, leads a band of sell-swords in a last-ditch effort to save the world. Prepare for the Storm of Spears!

So it seems this is just another example of great creativity that allows you join in Steam Sales, be in bundles and promoted as a game that everyone should be interested in!


– wincenworks

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