On Sunday I featured a Bingo on Magic: The Gathering with some commentary that was a little confusing, so I’d like to take the time to clarify now.  As the bingo covered, this was a design from ten years ago:

It was compared to some more recent designs, which were quite practical, but some people were confused by my comment that Wizards of the Coast keeps going toward but never quite committing to real progress and failed to elaborate further.

See the images at the top of the post?  They’re all promo images from a recent campaign Shadows over Innistrad – the premise being that the “angels” (who are exclusively sexy ladies) have turned on the populace.

It was promoted in variety of places, including Twitch, and had a trailer which reaches it’s climax with the phrase “on bloodied wings…” and this image:


If you look, you can see some blood on her wings… but that sure isn’t the focus of the picture.

Potentially so far… and yet we have to go back to sexy ladies with wings in ridiculous sexualized armor as our concept.

– wincenworks