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The Titties Were Not Working So It’s Time To Change Tactics: The Advertisement™

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@bikiniarmorbattledamage on a scale of 1 to 10, how empowered is this dirty boy?

How about h8 out of 10, since he’s not in a thong? 😉

Thanks to ALL out readers who sent this ad our way.

While it’s refreshing to see some unironic attempt to use the “sex sells” marketing strategy on the audience interested in men… I can’t help but think of something one of the submitters of this brought up: Do marketers behind it really think that slapping a random guy with great abs in place of a random lady with huge cleavage will instantly bring out players other than straight men? Does this actually work?

We often half-jokingly propose sexy male armor as a solution to balance out double standard in media, but in all seriousness, we don’t think it will end the problem. That’s just a way to highlight the issue with sexualized portrayal of women by contrast. As @femfreq puts it, “female gaze” doesn’t reinforce the same harmful norms as male gaze does.