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Maybe if more people at big studios cared to do the research into lives of real female snipers, like Lyudmila Pavlichenko, they’d have second thoughts about introducing such “novel” concepts like breathing through skin or being brainwashed into killing people while having an absolute cleavage to justify having a gun-wielding woman in their story.

@rejectedprincesses is all-around a great project highlighting many amazing women in history who are basically too unmarketable to get a lot recognition in mainstream media.

It also provides a handy list of female warriors throughout ages, for anyone in doubt how “historically accurate” it is to portray women in combat roles.

We recommend it as a great starting point to learn about many interesting (not necessarily good, but always fascinating) women who shaped the history by daring to break conventions. Really great source of reference and inspiration when creating a new, non-conformist female characters.