So, For Honor was announced at E3 today and boy does it seem to be a mixed bad with some good design intentions going astray – based off the trailers we have available.

It’s unclear if the two characters in the forefront represent choices in the Viking mission demonstrated at E3, but regardless the option of a massive powerful warrior or a standard woman with boob armor is not really compelling.


Oddly the trailer starts kind of promising, with the representative of the Knights faction being read as a woman due to a slightly different build and a long braid (not shown) – in the scene where the original conflict is introduced.


But then literally midway through a fight sequence (2:07-2:08 on the video) it transforms and gains this weird singular boob plate:


Which, based off the advertising material – is the final design (as per the top image) but is oddly adapted for the Knight’s Heroes (ie Wardens).


Strangely at this time all the Heroes for all three factions appear to be men, so we can’t even confirm if the lady Knight and Viking will even be playable.


– wincenworks

(Edit: I have been advised that in the demos you can play as the ladies)

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