Seriously Dynamite?  You guys are breaking out the ridiculous Elektra-ripoff outfits on issue NUMBER TWO of The Dresden Files?

That’s supposed to be Lara Raith, a vampire who Harry seeks an audience with (according to the blurb) was described in the books as:

hair was dark, curling and glossy, so dark it almost looked blue in the highlights. Her skin was creamy. Her dark pink lips a bit large for her narrow face but not detracting. Her eyes were the real “killers”, large, oblique, grey with flecks of periwinkle blue. Her eyes were alive, alert, aware of others, intelligent and held humor. There was also smoldering demonic fires and predatory hunger.

She is supposed to be a femme fatale, but I can’t help but think that if she was running around in color-shifted cosplay then that would both have been mentioned right up front and ruined the whole modern fantasy feel.

Somehow all the other covers seem to manage to stick to the modern fantasy theme so I’m guessing this was the only way they could think to communicate “badass femme fatale” to the audience… because we wouldn’t want to focus on her as political skills, wealth, being a vampire or anything that can’t be linked to her boobs would we?

– wincenworks