Principles of Problematic Character Design, the Second

Shrodinger’s Breasts

The tendency of costume designers (esp. of the video game variety) to sacrifice sense & logic in order to show some part of the female breast.

After all, if we cannot see them, are they really there?


We already knew this one, but it’s not a list of problematic character design elements without it!

I wonder if this could be paired with anime and gaming  armor logic, the only areas that are vulnerable are the areas covered, anything not covered is pretty much invincible. XD

Yup. It is paired with this logic by default.

This week’s throwback: reminder that people were naming and categorizing ridiculous costume/character design tropes before the Female Armor Bingo.

And we will all continue to do so, at least until everyone realizes what’s wrong with perpetuating them.


more things that fall under Shrodinger’s Breasts category: boobplate | boob window | cleavage