Guild wars 2 meets BABD BINGO!


I love Guild Wars. I just bought heart of Thorns and I am greatly enjoying it. While the game has many great examples of female armor, sometimes not so much. This is focusing on the heavy armor class, because Light Armor is too easy of a target

The Vigil armor. The Vigil is a faction dedicated to eradicating the Dragons that are destroying the world through uniting the races of Tyria. If you join them, like the other factions on this list, you can get their special armor…which is not so great for ladies, because apparently the Vigil, which is not only lead by a woman but a Charr, a race “Forged in the crucible of battle”, only supplies boob window armor. 

Next, the heavy armor for the Order of Whsipers. The Order of Whispers is an ancient secret society that has been influencing the leaders of Tyria for centuries. And they make bad armor for their agents. While a bit of extra work, this armor set could be nice but, no, boob window. This seems to be intentional, as this is the concept art for this hot mess.

Thanks, Anet, and Hello Esher Girls.

Finally, the Durmand priory. A faction dedicated to scouring ancient relics and lore for ideas on how to fight the Dragons, with an oddly low scoring armor. Weird. 

Anyway, if anyone asks why I always play Charr, a catlike beast race with little to no sexual differences, this is what i‘m going to show them 

I get the feeling that someone at Guild Wars decided that they wanted them to be “sexy” but didn’t want them to look conventionally “sexy” so they decided to do things like put windows on the side of the belly and above cleavage.

Presumably they were hoping the shift would distract people from the obvious gaps in the armor and exposed vital areas.

– wincenworks