Predictably, the mere mention of Space Marines in relation to sexism angered many people who rushed in to tell us how because there are Sisters of Battle (aka Battlesisters, aka Adepta Sororitas) there is no possibility of sexism in Warhammer 40K certainly no reason anyone would want a female Space Marine in anything.


So naturally I remembered that certain subset of the Sisters of Battle, the Sisters Repentia, are overdue for a bingo!  And for those worried about how armor wouldn’t match the fluff behind them, don’t worry – neither does the bondage gear.

Also, if you’re concerned that this is one isolated nitpick… don’t worry there is a vast plethora of issues that can be raised to highlight how the Sisters of Battle are not treated equally with Space Marines (and there’d still be good arguments for female space marines even if they did).

– wincenworks