@xelethaine submitted: 

So I figured this would be a fitting submission to this blog. Here we have Pyrrha Nikos from Rooster Teeth’s show, RWBY.

Now, RWBY has a few female character designs that are questionable at best, but I’d say Miss Nikos here is probably the worst for a variety of reasons.

So let’s see:
Stiletto boots? Check.
Armor on bare skin? Check.
Mini skirt that looks more like a tube top that shimmed down to her waist? Check.
Corset + Cleavage? Check.
Bare thighs? Check.

I’m not entirely sure what that corset is supposed to be made out of, but I pray it’s not metal. But even if it’s leather or something, what the hell is a warrior wearing a corset into battle for?

Also, I don’t know very much about the specifics of functional armor, but that gorget thing she’s got on looks a little off to me.

And if you couldn’t tell by her name and some aspects of her design, she’s supposed to be based off of a Greek soldier. Something tells me a male character with that kind of theme would look the part a little more.

Oh and to make this sexualized design a little worse? She’s only 17.

Also this is my first time submitting something and I did read the guidelines, but I still may have missed something, so sorry if I did! 


I kind of miss the days when Rooster Teeth made fun of the female armor tropes, rather than contributed to their prevalence.

– wincenworks