X-23 outfits, in order of chronological aperrance:

1) Uncanny X-Men

2)X-23: Innocence Lost

3) X-23: target X and early New X-Men

4) Late New X-Men

5) X-Force and X-23 ongoing series

6) Early Avengers Academy

7) Avengers Academy alt outfit (not pictured because of 10-pictures limit: a variation of this outfit from Avengers Arena)

8) All-New X-Men

9) All-New Wolverine

How come that among all the different X-23 costumes, most include a midriff and/or a cleavage and/or spaghetti straps? Oh yeah, because the most important thing about this Wolverine clone character is to show that she’s A GIRL, right?

Saddest part of it is, she originates from X-Men Evolution series, where she wore a fully-covering and practical costume: 


Which, while being basically a standard biker outfit, looks way more memorable than a random crop top to me.

Even her “sexy” future self (shown only in the epilogue of the last episode) dresses in something that won’t slip of a boob.


Another thing I noticed is that most of the subsequent versions of the character look significantly whiter than the original. Even one in the Wolverine and the X-Men, which was the next X-Men cartoon after Evolution:


Also, again, bare belly and cleavage, because that’s what mutant clone assassins wear unless they’re dudes, apparently.