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mystique & emma frost~

Daken approves of this bold new character choice 


Another venture into the world of sexy gender-swapped superheroines and villainesses! Somehow, for some reason, never a type of design choice made in canon with characters who are male in-story… ζ༼Ɵ͆ل͜Ɵ͆༽ᶘ
Just imagine Gambit or Nightcrawler being this fashionable! 

Funny, because Emma Frost in particular is second only to Bayonetta among (dubious) examples that are thrown our way as a female character expressing her sexuality “done right”. Yet other than fans turning her into a dude, there’s no direct male equivalent to her brand of sexy empowerment.


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Side note: Luara is around 16 years old, and is going back to a revealing outfit, despite making a point about her ANW outfit having body armor because being shot still fucking hurts even with a healing factor.

Meanwhile Kamala Khan, also roughly 16, has an outfit that’s practical and not overly revealing.

This is basically just going back to what X-23 has been shown as wearing traditionally because that’s what “the core audience” supposedly wants. And I say that as someone who defends Power Girl’s boob window and Tigra’s two piece.

Currently, Laura is either 19 or 20. But the outfits are still too revealing for someone who fights in close quarters.

@bikiniarmorbattledamage , I am sad to inform you that after all the progress in Laura getting practical outfit in All-new Wolverine, they decided to backtrack this hard.

– Admin

Remember when less than two years ago we celebrated X-23 getting a reasonable suit and the creators addressing the need of protective costumes even for a self-healing character

Yeah, it’s going out of the window and back to the skin-bearing bullshit again for poor Laura:


Most of those would be perfectly fine street fashion pieces, but why try to sell them as superhero outfits? Here’s hoping the final comic features neither of the above, instead opting for something you’d actually wear in a fight. 


I spent about 7 minutes fixing her design while listening to a video.


Didn’t even need a livestream!



X-23 outfits, in order of chronological aperrance:

1) Uncanny X-Men

2)X-23: Innocence Lost

3) X-23: target X and early New X-Men

4) Late New X-Men

5) X-Force and X-23 ongoing series

6) Early Avengers Academy

7) Avengers Academy alt outfit (not pictured because of 10-pictures limit: a variation of this outfit from Avengers Arena)

8) All-New X-Men

9) All-New Wolverine

How come that among all the different X-23 costumes, most include a midriff and/or a cleavage and/or spaghetti straps? Oh yeah, because the most important thing about this Wolverine clone character is to show that she’s A GIRL, right?

Saddest part of it is, she originates from X-Men Evolution series, where she wore a fully-covering and practical costume: 


Which, while being basically a standard biker outfit, looks way more memorable than a random crop top to me.

Even her “sexy” future self (shown only in the epilogue of the last episode) dresses in something that won’t slip of a boob.


Another thing I noticed is that most of the subsequent versions of the character look significantly whiter than the original. Even one in the Wolverine and the X-Men, which was the next X-Men cartoon after Evolution:


Also, again, bare belly and cleavage, because that’s what mutant clone assassins wear unless they’re dudes, apparently.