We’ve had a few people drop us mentions of this video from Sword of Chaos, but were never able to find it – turns out it’s unlisted but now thanks to @clreemurr we have the video and can compare it directly to the original to confirm that the outfits are so ridiculous they look more believable as porn.

You can see the “spicy” version is shorter because they edited out all the shots where it’d be blatantly obvious they’re pixelating boob armor instead of boobs.

Now I wanted to make a joke claiming that they stole this idea from from me, but given that we know they already that they stole fan art of other companies’ characters for their promotions, I’m not entirely sure it’d be a joke.  

I mean is there any way this (apparently well funded) production can get any more ridiculous…

This is why we can’t have nice things.

– wincenworks