Depending on how we count the more batshit parts of her… ahem, armor, Jaïna from La Geste des Chevaliers Dragons scores up to three bingos! And judging even just by covers, other dragon knights would get similar results:


I was looking for an opportunity to bring this comic up again, and eventually bingo seemed to be the most appropriate way.
The reason to remind you of this title is that it’s getting its non-awaited official English translation as Chronicles of the Dragon Knights. And English readers deserve a warning.

This comic holds a special (non positive) place in my heart, as it is a softcore porn pulp thinly veiled as a “feminist” deconstruction of fantasy tropes. And one of original inspirations for this blog.
Going through the first issue alone made me cringe at least every other page. The problem with Dragon Knights include, but are not limited to:

  • the core idea hinges on demonizing female sexuality (if all women lose virginity, there’s no-one to save the world from dragons) 
  • writing makes no sense (men constantly insult their saviors for being women, main character’s mission is jeopardized for an easy to avoid reason)
  • art is rife with tropes that are heart and soul of sites like @eschergirls or @comicartcorrections, like Sameface Syndrome, crotchleg, Subway sandwich thigh and long pelvises
  • the dragon knight costumes (obviously) qualify for BABD material

Nothing about it makes sense other than “let’s have an excuse to draw hot chicks with swords in ridiculous skimpy armor posing weirdly against elaborate, yet mediocre dragons and mutants”. 

But what else shall be expected from something that keeps the same-faced heroines with the constant dull pout expression have their boobs or butts put front and center of every panel possible?