@blackiochronicles submitted:

Korean MMO Soul of the Ultimate Nation is pretty much awash in armor designed by oversexed 14-year-olds, as seen in Exhibit A above.However, you could make a reasonably entertaining drinking game out of counting all the ways this nice young lady might accidentally stab herself in the line of duty, so I guess it’s not a total loss.

Most disturbing is that the game also dips into the “deliberately designed to look under age” sexualized female character trope as well… it does have a small silver lining though, at least according to the page for English speakers:

Yet another game that hinges on ridiculous bikini armor and objectification that has gone out of business… only this one promises to rise again. It also wins an award of sorts for the most interesting translation:

Haven’t seen anything like that since Black Gold Online… maybe these guys will hire Avril Lavigne to read from a teleprompter in a branded t-shirt too.

Seems more likely than they’ll attempt to make an actual fun game.

– wincenworks