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I had a lot of fun with this on twitter, so I just kept on going with it. But you know, I’m always kind of touched by how strongly fans support their favourite characters, and there is a lot of love for Cloak and Dagger, and you can see why because there are some pretty great things about that pair. But that costume, come on, it’s a big old slice of tit window pie. They don’t always dress Dagger like that, but yeah they mostly do! But they probably won’t on the tv show!

I didn’t dwell on Cloak very much in a comic about tit windows, but, here’s something. I tweeted this essay a while ago when I read it, but Cloak’s lack of a body really brought it to mind again, and you should totally read it, though mostly it is about the character Cyborg, it is relevant here too:

Humanity Not Included: DC’s Cyborg and the Mechanization of the Black Body by Robert Jones, Jr.

@beatonna​‘s sharp commentary on “strong” female characters in media strikes back!

In the wake of Cloak and Dagger series announcement, once again we wonder

if the costume designer will somehow manage to not make the dagger motif a giant hole in the latter’s costume… or if they’ll just turn up with something boob-flaunting and excuse is as a “wish fulfillment”.


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