Seems like League of Angels 2′s marketing strategy is “Shoot our own foot by presenting in multiple examples just how devoid of any creative thought our game is. You’re welcome.”

If that wasn’t enough proof of creative bankruptcy, their homepage is literally playing the Game of Thrones theme on loop.
Yes, they’re SO unimaginative, they don’t care about an inevitable lawsuit from a big media corporation. Not the first time we’ve seen such mentality.

I’m curious what the Chinese ad says.

Until someone proves me wrong, I’m gonna assume it translates roughly to “Pale, Thin, Generically Sexy Lady in Bikini Armor: The Game”.


edit: thanks to @sunnyzhp22 and @cla-w for the translation:

Goddess Alliance
Come and collect those sexy goddesses!!

Well that’s both underwhelming and exactly what I’d expect from LoA. As if turning women into collectibles wasn’t a sleazy idea already, they’re also are not even offering any variety of those angel/goddess characters. Isn’t the point of collecting to have different items with something in common?