De-failing League of Angels Part 1: Stabby leather lingerie

Apparently we felt like taking a challenge the day we made those edits, because, well, it’s League of Angels, the epitome of creative bankruptcy in video game marketing

What I decided to redesign was this extra-stabby leather… um… outfit that I bingo’d before

After the initial shock of how uncomfortable that “armor” must be, the literally biggest thing that caught my attention in this artwork were her thighs. HOW FREAKING HUGE ARE THEY IN PROPORTION TO THE REST OF THE BODY? Unfortunately this seemed mostly like an epic fail at foreshortening rather than an attempt at ‘thicc’ fetish, let alone at earnest fat representation… So I decided to reverse that. 

Instead of shrinking the thighs to give her conventionally attractive model proportions, I readjusted the rest of the body to fit them, resulting in a chubbier figure.

Her arms now have some heft and her head isn’t tiny anymore.
Though most important changes went into the torso, which now has a human-sized waist and connects to other body parts at humanly possible angles, instead of those of a Tetris puzzle. 


I am very satisfied with what I managed to do with that shameless boobplate. The idea was to still have it be a breast-oriented armor without making it look like two coconut halves with extra-emphasis on cleavage, and while retaining as much of the original’s decorative aesthetic. Basically a more sophisticated attempt at what I did with Regime Wonder Woman waaay back

I also slightly reshaped the stabby laced leather part under it, because it looked cool enough… just not on bare skin. Speaking of which, of course there was no way I left this poor woman with no padding, so in place of all this pale skin I painted white gambeson, retaining the original color scheme. She also now has full leather pants, because why wouldn’t she? 

All in all, I think I managed to improve this image significantly. Not all edits are seamless, but I’m quite proud of the way they came out. How do you guys like it? 


League of Angels 2 is very determined to keep their armor design strictly in the “Elaborately generic metal lingerie” category. So determined to never do anything even remotely original they can’t even score a proper bingo this time.


Another LoA2 ad I was looking for all week popped up just in time to get a bingo too!
Gotta say, this one looks way more creative (in a bad way) than the other one. I especially “like” how many stabby parts are involved. 

Hope that being an angel/goddess means she’s immortal, cause I guarantee she’s gonna poke an organ out with one of those spikes the moment she moves.


One of the couple League of Stolen Assets 2 web ads I’ve seen around lately. Proving again how much of the bingo can be covered even with a cropped pic. 

Also, I’m pretty sure that a list of fantasy games that include elf ladies in green/golden hood with holes for their pointy ears is too long to even identify who they might have plagiarized this pic from.