Tidy Up Tuesday #33

Just a few things to tidy up this week.

We do indeed have a Steam Curator page, it’s been a little quiet lately but hopefully will start making some recommendations again soon.  Also the related Steam Group.

In creating fiction, particularly set outside of our own society, and considering who would and wouldn’t be fit to fight, we recommend considering many, many factors other than sex or gender.

For those who heard about, but didn’t follow the Overwatch pose debaccle – in a predictably Blizzard manner the “check out my butt” pose was replaced with a different “check out my butt” pose lifted directly from a Billy De Vorss 1950s pinup.  Blizzard once again claiming to strive for progress while sitting still.

Our master post on the “but dudes are sexualized the same way” and why they really are not.

~Ozzie & -wincenworks