whoowee submitted:

Was just snooping around the windows 10 store and spotted a game called Gods of Rome, it’s some fighting game and it looked interesting to me, so I went in and checked out the characters and I uhhh noticed that one of these characters has a major wardrobe malfunction.


I’m not too big of an expert on Roman armor design, but I’m certain that two belts on the chest doesn’t really deflect blades at all.

So I took a look at this game’s site and apparently that character is supposed to be… wait for it… Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons.


Are those boob belts supposed to be a stand-in for the famous Girdle of Hippolyta? Do all the Amazons dress like that?

The game is completely unashamed of trying to be a SMITE clone. Just instead of mixing extinct religions with an actively practiced faith, they mix mythological characters with historical or semi-historical figures.
And somehow, despite the game being called Gods of ROME, they’re using GREEK names for most of the characters. For example, this is supposed to Athena (not Minerva):


Who, with that gloriously original boobplate fits right in with all the other “empowered” Athenas we saw on BABD before.

Obviously, this game couples respect for the source material with unrestrained creative freedom. We’re totally foreseeing this becoming a big success that won’t drown in the sea of every other generic project it’s mimicking. Totally.