RPG scene by way of Frazetta by MeMyMine

This is actually a draw this again- type of thing of a pen and paper pic I did in 2010. Thought it would be fun to revisit a purposefully Conanesque scene- this time I even put her sword and left arm in the same position as in the Conan cover by Frazetta ( frankfrazetta.org/images/frank… ) .

If you’re wondering about the in-RP context… just ask.

Pictured: female power fantasy. 

I think this character would feel right at home next to our other bare-chested female barbarians by @partsal [x] (who also sent this our way) and @yondamoegi [x].

Definitely a good reference for the next time someone tries to argue that a woman in chainmail bikini is “equal” to a guy in nothing but loincloth.