I was looking at this promo picture of “Wonder Woman” and despite the fact that i’m very happy with (finally!) a female super hero getting her own movie, i’m still upset about the armor. Then i decided to join this bingo!


if you need a description about every item, here is the link.

thank you @bikiniarmorbattledamage for created this beautiful detector of misogyny.

Also, if you wanna see how superman would look like if he was treated like a woman, just look at this.

Thanks to all the readers who brought this to our attention!

When I first glanced at this promo photo, I seriously thought this was from Sparta: War of Empires… 

Who at DC/Warner okayed THIS to be the official look of Amazons in Wonder Woman movie?
THAT is how a female-only society of warriors is supposed to dress in the gritty and realistic universe of Man of Steel? Boobplate lingerie so skin-tight and generic that it looks like lifted straight out of a cheap MMO browser ad?

Think @captaingeneralgeekery (who also sent this pic our way) put it well: they sure have odd priorities on the man-free island of Themyscira


It’s really amazing when you consider how far they had to run not only from the original source material, but from the previous film.

Golden Age Amazons were indisputably kinky but tended to wear comfortable clothes based off actual Ancient Greek clothing designs:


But somehow, for someone, this was not enough. So they decided to go against both this and the design principles in Man of Steel.  

Viewed from afar, Faora’s armor has a few standard issues like boobplate and extra bits to accentuate her figure.  But zoomed in during the action, she looks indisputably badass:


Half of these costumes seem to be designed so that when zoomed in you’ll be able to pretend they’re naked or in a cocktail dress:


Wouldn’t want anyone to feel intimidated by them would we?

– wincenworks

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