@audio-sexual submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

I would like to submit for a bingo card: TERA’s latest class, The Brawler.

They must be a lover, not a fighter because they basically are wearing a hand-written in gold glitter gel pen invitation to murder them on the battlefield.

This pic was shared by my friend who noticed that the “armor” was getting increasingly more ridiculous until this stunner right here. I don’t know what that top/almost a corset thing is supposed to be or HOW IT WORKS…there are high heels, of course…& that crowning jewel, the diamond in front, rises & falls because the designers don’t know how breasts actually work.

As you can see, their character is just as enthralled with the look as we are.

Just when we thought underboob and boob windows couldn’t possibly get any worse… Though seeing how this is TERA, we’re hardly surprised, really.

Can’t get a good shot of this particular costume’s shoes, which would confirm the high heels and earn it a double bingo, but comparing it to other Brawler outfits (and, again, remebering it’s TERA), I’m 99,9% sure that’s the case. So, bingo?

For the record, here’s how other Brawler “armors” look: