@b0tster submitted:

The biggest offenders of bikini armor at the Games Developers Conference. The one on the bottom is so disproportionate it’s borderline nightmare fuel.

Also, I was considering not including Tower of Legends because it is such a blatant League ripoff if League didn’t have any bikini armor clad women, neither would this game.

And of course the most amusing ones were the ladies who were segmented out with the metal structure. They made sure to keep the cleavage showing, even if it meant offsetting it from the top half of the body!

So it turns out you didn’t have to attend the Microsoft party with sexy schoolgirl dancers to be bombarded with creepy objectification of women at GDC!

Though given how derivative all of these designs are, I think that it’s safe to say if League of Legends didn’t exist then they just probably would have copied the designs of someone else… like Tera Online, SMITE or anything by Blizzard.

I actually tried to work out which developer was making “Dawn of War” (Good luck taking the branding for that title from Warhammer 40K) and “Tower of Legends” but gave up due to the number of studios using the same art styles and design principles.

It’s like the industry has horrible, wide spread problems with sexism or something…

 – wincenworks