I’m really amazed how someone managed to take an 80s cartoon and make it more tacky.  That’s impressive given how much of 80s animated shows were not so subtle toy ads in disguise.

Their outfits were pretty tacky but at least they were across the board tacky… now the dudes get solid chest piece armor and for the uninitiated – despite the layout on the cover – Saber Rider is the blond dude in blue, not the lady in pink.

That’s April Eagle – and they really don’t want you to forget she has boobs and long flowing blond hair. She’s the love interest after all:

Dear Lion Forge more comics like Crystal Cadets and less… like this.  Or if you must make them like this, at least try to limit them to things like re-imagining sexy people are sexy super heroes rather than sexing up stories for children.

– wincenworks