Bierzerkers is a game that, when it comes to the male characters, is trying really hard to be about Vikings.  Really, really hard. Look how hard they’re trying here:


Yet it seems when it came time to design female units they decided to limit themselves to a Brynhildr inspired Valkyrie and a generic fantasy rogue “Huntress” who, in other iterations, looks more like a Pict than a Nord.


Sure would be embarrassing if it turned out Vikings had a specific, famous type of warrior women specific to their culture, and if there was some sort of high profile television show featuring one.  That would make it seem an awful lot like they didn’t even try.

II get that it’s supposed to be funny but you know what else was funny and about Vikings? How To Train Your Dragon.


So I take it back, they didn’t not try – they had to actively try in order to create such a generic fantasy rogue type character in the hopes it would justify the cleavage and bare midriff.

– wincenworks

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