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Hey!  I found my way to your digimon tag, only I have more recent examples to talk about from the anime series! In general, season 6-7 Xros Wars ( named Fusion in english dub ) injected a lot more sexuality and decided to focus on the main male character instead of the whole group, making it a weird semi-voyeuristic shounen journey.

There’s a lot to choose from this season, but Mervamon is my favorite example.

Many scenes show her shiny boobs and tight shorts in strange view angle choices.  She does have a giant snake for an arm, connotate that as you will.  And as badass as she looks, most of her attacks are love-based.  Digimon tends to do this with many of their anthropomorphic female digimon, but Mervamon’s sorta hard to top



When Xros Wars got an English dub, the show got edited quite a bit for US standards.  Usually people complain about dubs and localization but you almost have to hand it to them.  Here is Mervamon’s design in the US version, with a bit more discrete bra-thing


and a small update to the shorts:


There’s more female characters that got make overs but I can write about that later if people want to see more.



Someone please enlighten me… Did Digimon actually become an ecchi title when I wasn’t looking? What’s the point of all the “sexy” monster ladies? And why aren’t there any sexualized male digimon?

Probably the only positive thing I can say about Mervamon’s design is that she’s not a transformed little girl

Props to localization team for making a rare good call and cutting out the gratuity a bit.


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