*dfab cis thin busty pale skin women

it really is an awful outfit, but i’m pretty sure 98% of the guys complaining about new FF guy outfit ”is not the skimpiness it’s just ugly~” didn’t complain about lightning’s awful outfit (and the other one too) (and 90% of these)

Perfect response to the Sexy Final Fantasy Dude controversy is perfect.

We can always count on shattered-earth’s humor to be on-point! 🙂

Also big thanks to her for juxtaposing the infamous design with how female version of that character would actually look.
We’ve seen a concerning amount of responses which claim that somehow this paragon of conventionally attractive masculine form is so effeminate that he’s practically a girl… Because showing a lot of skin and having pretty hair is inherently feminine, I suppose?
Gamer dudebros sure like stretching to validate their sexually confused rage.


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As a side-note: this is BABD’s 1001th post! Rejoice!

Bringing this back as a reminder that if Wal was actually female, no dudebro would bat an eye at his original skimperrific costume. Neither would they demand it to cover up more, let alone have that request granted by developers.

‘Cause, as we all know, asking for less scanty outfits is “censorship” only if a woman is wearing them. Especially if people asking to cover up the character are feminists.